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Kiki Lee

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Photo 1973 By Sidney Smith

Forward  Gambling on a Rock and Roll career.

Chapter 1 ~
After developing scores of regional hits in 1967, Atlantic Records recruited Dick to head their promotions in the Southeast and Midwest. Dick helped Atlantic launch many legendary R & B and Rock artists, several who are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Chapter 2 ~ Dick takes an extended hiatus from music, traveling throughout Europe and North Africa.

Chapter 3 ~ In 1972, Capricorn Productions left Atlantic, launched a Label distributed by Warner Brothers and signs Dick as VP of promotion. Dick begins promoting the new label and starts a wave of hit records that established Capricorn Records and "Southern Rock".

Chapter 4 ~ At Capricorn, Dick launched and established four major artists to the top of the charts before leaving  to partner with Atlantic Records and start Dick Wooley Associates and Rabbit Record in 1976. Dick promoted several newly signed artists into gold and platinum record sales, then retired from the music business and moved to the beach in 1981.

Chapter 5 ~ At the beach Dick's marketing skill transfers to real estate development and he launched several ocean front properties and with a partner developed seven large university condominium communities. In 2004, Dick was inspired by several emerging blues artists and started Internet based King Mojo Records to showcase up and coming talent.

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